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TERMS OF HIRE - Please print these terms and read the behaviour rules to your guests.
You acknowledge that Bux Party Strippers acts as a referral agency that connects consumers (you) with sole business operators for a referral fee. The performers are responsible for collecting their own money from clients, paying their own taxes, and public liability and workplace insurances. You acknowledge that the following guidelines have been provided to you as a duty of care by Bux Party Strippers for informative purposes in regards to ethics and safety. Bux Party Strippers accepts no liability as an employer of the sole traders. 

1B. When phoning to make a booking, make sure your caller ID is not withheld. We answer caller id only. Bux Party Strippers is a referral agency.

2. Do not leave valuables in the room in which your performer/s are using to prepare for their shift or show. The performers do not wish to be blamed if you have opportunistic party guests that may steal from you. Opportunism is the conscious policy and practice of taking advantage of circumstances.  We know the performers are there. You are the person/s inviting them into your home or venue. You  designate the room the Contractors will use for their private use while they are there. The not very nice party guest or friend will sieze the opportunity to blame someone else for something he or she will do (e.g. stealing from the party host or from the hired help's bags). Be responsible for your own belongings so we don't have to deal with the consequences of your inaction to protect your cash or valuables. We don't want to be accused for your party guest's dishonest actions.

3. False bookings will be reported to the police and the trader will charge the  full cost of the performance to the phone owner of the number that the person rang from. She/He is within her/his legal right to charge you in full and will do so through a magistrate if need be. False bookings are a nuisance that costs performers money in fuel, additional other costs and time that could be spent performing for legitimate clients. We have a zero tolerance policy for false bookers and a 100 percent success rate in prosecuting them. You face the possibility of a police record and a credit rating report strike. These blots on your record can affect your future chances of job and loan opportunities. Think before you book with the entertainer; police have the power to trace nuisance calls even if you ring from a private number.

4. To save embarrassment please don't ask for discounts. The entertainers don't discount and our booking agency does not have the authority to offer discounts on behalf of the traders. Every Friday and Saturday we field calls from clients who have been let down because they tried to get a cheap show from somewhere else. By the weekend we are not always able to assist these clients who now wish to be connected with a performer.  We hate to say 'We told you so' but you really shouldn't be surprised if nobody showed up or the girl looked nothing like her photos when you book too cheap or overly  photoshopped performers rather than pay realistically represented Contractors their reasonable and fair prices.

5. Our phone operators will work very hard to get you  connected with your preferred stripper or waiter/waitress but please be prepared to possibly see a different performer than the one you prefer (we guarantee you will always see a recomended performer from our website - no ring ins).  Please refrain from making demands such as ‘If I don't get the performer I want then I will book elsewhere. We can't guarantee 100% that we can pair you with one of our featured contractors. Having said that, we will of course couple you with your preferred performer if he/she is available. Our office staff are all professional booking referral managers and do not strip themselves. So you are not going to be lied to. So many agents are strippers and they just take the job for themself and tell you that you will see someone in particular just to land the job. We don't operate in such an unscrupulous manner. We ask your prefered perfomer direct if he or she is available and if we tell you that he/she is not than you can be sure the performer really is not available. Let's move on and help you find someone else you like from our website stripper gallery. Please keep in mind all of our featured Contractors are current. There is no point booking a too cheap stripper who doesn't even exist from somewhere.

If your performer is running a little late or if the performer is not your preferred performer, please do not abuse the performer or his/her friends on arrival. Please feel free to call and ask for an estimated time of arrival but do not call our office to abuse or insult the office staff. If you do this, your show will be cancelled. We will not refer to you a replacement nor refund our referral fee. Even Doctors - Hairdressers - Buses and other services can run late. Service providers in all industries need to be replaced by another person from time to time in order to provide the actual service. You don't abuse them so please do not abuse us. Our business aims to secure for you the actual service first and foremost over any preference of entertainer you may have. They are on the road trying to navigate their way to you sometimes contending with roadworks, poor weather, road accidents, traffic jams and of course getting held up at previous bookings due to that party host's circumstances. Your booking time is an estimate time of arrival only. While generally performers do arrive on time, please remember it is only stripping and it is not the end of the world if your stripper is a little late. Politely check in with our office and we'll do you the courtesy of checking on his/her progress for you. Have another drink and relax. HE OR SHE WILL BE THERE!

7. The performers often have a FRIEND in attendance. Their friends do not work for our business and they are not security guards nor do they claim to act as security guards. They are simply friends of the entertainers who offer to help the girls/guys get to work on time, assist to carry heavy equipment and generally keep them company. Assault of  performers or their friends will be taken very seriously and they may follow up by  taking legal action against you or your guests with serious consequences.

8. Payment is strictly cash up front prior to the commencement of entertainment services. Pay the performer and not his/her friend please. All clients located outside of our general service area must obtain a quote and pay a deposit via credit card over the phone. Although you may have paid over the phone, your entertainer retains the right to ask you to produce your credit card and photographic identification. Please be prepared to show your credit card, photo id and sign your signature in front of the entertainer in addition to your telephone payment. Afterall it is his/her money not ours and they have the right to know that you have paid with genuine credit cards.

9. General service areas for referals of  adult entertainers are Sunshine Coast - Brisbane - Gold Coast. All other areas From North Queensland in Townsville to Northern News South Wales in Newcastle are charged at a higher rate. For the prices of stripper hire services outside of Bris Gold and Sunshine Coasts please scroll your browser over the word 'prices' at the top of the home page and click on the drop down list that says 'prices other  locations'. You will find the prices for your location there. Though they are subject to vary because performers set their own prices.

10. When making a booking, include your home telephone number as well as your mobile number and including the phone number located at the venue in which you intend to hold the event. Although you may not be holding the actual function at your own premises, our receptionist will telephone you on your landline number, to confirm that your booking is legitimate and not a false booking (The phone numbers also help the performers to contact and locate you on the day)

11. Please make performers feel welcome and offer them a room to change in when they arrive.

12. Dancers do not perform outside on grass, dirt or around open fires. Entertainers will only perform for you in appropriate clean dry locations example: living room, patio, garage, industrial sheds. Waitresses do not work outdoors in Winter.

13. Upon booking please inform ‘Bux Party Strippers' if you are planning for your party stripper to be a surprise so that we can advise the performer that you request that he/she be already dressed upon arrival.

14. Inform the receptionist if you require a specific costume i.e.: French Maid, Cop, Cow girl. We will do our best to refer an entertainer who can perform in the preferred outfit.

15. Inform the receptionist if you require a stripper for a biker club. Many girls will not perform at bike clubs however some do. We would prefer to refer you to the right Contractor for your venue. Referrals for service providers to Bike Clubs are currently suspended until the outcome of the VLAD Laws are determined. We apologise for the inconvenience.

16. When booking, notify the receptionist if you require a raunchy female show to be performed in front of both men and women. Many Female Dancers will not perform in front of other females. If you fail to let us know and the dancer arrives to a mixed crowd and decides not to perform we will  NOT be obliged to connect you with a replacement service provider. If  the performer chooses to perform or if another replacement can be found then she is entitled to charge you a higher price then originally quoted. So please make sure you let us know upon booking that your audience will be a mixed crowd so that we can refer the right performer for your booking to start with. Keep in mind it's the performers body and she decides how to use it and who she shows it too.

17. No persons under 18 are to be present during the performance.

18. If you require a show in a suburb or rural locality which is outside of our service providers' area, you will need to contact ‘Bux Party Strippers' for a quote. The quote will only be valid if your function is in the actual location that you specified. If on the night, your location is actually a longer distance away than you indicated, you will be charged a higher amount by ther performer. Clients must pay the required additional travel fee or the show will be cancelled without a refund of the deposit. Please be honest in your request for a quote.

19. We tell the entertainers and waiters/waitresses there should be no physical contact between the performer and guests as part of the show or during waiter/waitressing services and DEFINATELY NO SEX EVER!  However sometimes these freelance entertainers make the decision off their own undertaking to interact with clients  during the show to some level. Bux Party Strippers does not condone touching of any kind. However it has been known to occur. If you do not wish for the guest of honor or guests to have any kind of physical involvement in the show than it is your responsibility to relay this information to your performer upon his/her arrival to your venue. Otherwise please inform your guests that there may be a degree of physical interaction ALTHOUGH NOT PERMITTED BY THIS  STRIPPER REFERAL AGENCY. It is to be expected IT MAY OCCUR during a stripper show. You or your guests are obviously not permitted to pinch, slap, smack, bite the performer or try to digitally penetrate etc. Please use your manners! Stripping is entertainment and not an actual sex service. Strictly NO ESCORT.

20. Unacceptable bahaviour includes your guests jumping up during the stripshow and acting like idiots therefore making it impossible for the entertainer to execute his or her performance, throwing objects at performers or their friends, touching and assaulting performers or their friends, slapping waitresseses or performers on the ass or grabbing at their body parts, yelling insults, taking drugs in front of performers or offering drugs to performers asking for sex or offering payment for sexual favours. All of these breaches will result in all of the entertainers immediate departure from your venue. NO REFUNDS!

21. Adult dancers perform in controlled environments only. If you have over 40 guests and the environment is too rowdy when the dancer arrives, he/she reserves the right not to perform for you. There is nothing worse than arriving at a party that has people spilling out onto the street. Toddlers, children and teeenagers are not allowed to view these types of shows. We cannot expect entertainers to feel safe at an out of control venue. You are required to inform us if you expect a large crowd. Then you must hire licensed security for the performer. A cancellation fee will be charged to you if the performer arrives at your venue under these circumstances.

22. We are not a modelling agency and we do not proclaim to be. Our ladies are strippers and if they were models they wouldn't be taking their clothes off for you. We try not to use photoshopped photos. We offer connections to reasonably attractive entertainers. Our job description is to refer genuine entertainers to entertain you. If you are expecting a catwalk model to attend your party then be prepared to pay $10,000 per hour and we'll approach one for you on your behalf! Get real in your expectations. You won't see unrealistic photos that have been touched up a thousand times. We have been honest in our descriptions and profiles.  Don't just look at the photos, actually read about the performers on their profile to get an idea of age- personality etc. Our business focus is on linking consumers to entertainment service providers. It is not our focus to pretend to be a model agency or misrepresent ourselves to you.

23. We refer the services of professional entertainers and do not provide escort or prostitution services EVER! There is a huge difference between Strippers and Prostitutes. They are not the same thing.

24. These sole traders do not perform shows on licenced premises that are charging you for alcohol (it is not legal for strippers to perform at a premises that is charging you for alcohol unless the venue has a cabaret licence and even then strict rules apply to the types of shows the girls/guys can perform). You must request your venue operator provide for our Contractors a private function room and you (the client) must be providing your own alcohol (so our Contractors may be legally allowed to perform for you under private function conditions). You are not allowed to sell entry tickets or tickets for alcohol purchases to any function where our Contractors will be appearing (it is against the law). Bux Party Strippers services Bucks and Hens and Birthdays, also other not for profit private events that are celebratory in nature ONLY. Please do not book with our agency if you intend to break the law.

25. The contractors will not service bad mannered persons. Being drunk is no excuse for bad manners. They don't come to your work and mouth off at you so please treat the entertainers with the same respect that you expect when you are attending your own workplace.

26. NO PHOTOS OR FILMING! This is something you need to be very aware of regarding taking photos at shows if it is against the Contractor/Performers wishes. "Last year (2013) the State Government introduced the Summary Offences (Filming Offences) Act (2013), making it a crime to "engage in humiliating or degrading filming". Anyone who subjects another person to a degrading act, or one that would violate their privacy, while filming is liable to a maximum one-year jail term. If a person distributes that film in any way, including by social media, they risk an additional one-year sentence" (as cited in http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/national/police-investigating-case-of-year-9-sa-girl-taped-and-tied-to-tree-and-sexually-assaulted-in-extreme-cyber-bullying-incident/story-fnii5yv5-1227002813256?nk=4ac4c19f071324f4a331d0bd61112c87) THIS COULD MEAN IF YOU DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION TO TAKE PHOTOGRAPHS OF THE ENTERTAINER, FILM THE PERFORMANCE, SHARE OR REPRODUCE THE FOOTAGE ON SOCIAL MEDIA, BUT YOU DO IT ANYWAY, YOU WILL GO TO JAIL!