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Thank you for your enquiry with regarding employment. Best aand Fairest Brisbane Queensland and NSW Strippers Agency.

 You are:

* 18 years or over and have a reliable car and are presentable with a positive work ethic and willingness to learn.
* You are punctual. You turn up to work on time. You know people are relying on you and have expectations of you. You take pride in being punctual.
* You are honest in every aspect. You are trustworthy.
* You are a team player. You get along well with people from all backgrounds and you're supportive of the corporate policies and procedures.
* You enjoy the pleasure of meeting and talking with different people.
* You are comfortable with your body.
* You enjoy the great feeling you have when you have finished a job knowing that you did the work to the best of your ability.
* You have the ability to listen to both positive and negative feedback with the ability to deliver a positive outcome.
* You are doing the job because you have a goal.
* You have an ABN number or you are prepared to obtain an ABN number.
* You like being paid great money to have fun. 

 You are NOT:

* You are not a sociopath. (Antiisocial personaility disorder suffering from superficial charm yet covertly hostile and deceptive)
* You are not a workplace psychopath. (A bullie that intimidates co workers, uses people and suffers a grandiose sense of self)
* You are not a junkie.
* You are not bipolar.
* You are not depressed.
* You are not an alcoholic.
* You are not unmanageable.
* You are not a gossiper.
* You are not a diva.
* You are not deceptive.
* You are not unreliable.
* You are not a prostitute.

What to do

Please copy and paste the below application form to your email. Fill out the application questions and provide/attach photos to be used to promote you on our website. We prefer realistic photos over professioanl photos. Professional photos over sell the girl and its a lot for the girl to live up too. If we show your home photos, the guys can see the real you and you know they'll be happy to see you when you arrive. A lot of agents are using airbrushed photos and their clients are really unhappy about seeing a girl who looks nothing like the photos.  So please send honest photos only. Home photos are fine with us. We prefer you under sell your look but over deliver on arrival. Required are photographs that you have not supplied to any other agent and a guarantee the photos you supply to us will no be supplied to any other agents. We will watermark these photos with our company logo so they cannot be reproduced by other agents whom you may or may not even work for. Photos will be used on our website, social media and other forms of advertising to promote you. We agree that we will remove photos from our website upon request from you if future requested. If you are happy to give this permission we look forward to your application.  Email Address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

If your application is successful:

We will reply to your email within 48 hours. we will send you a list of our rules and guidelines

Required Information

Real Name:
Stage Name:
Date of Birth
Drivers License No: (Attach copy of photo ID to application. We need to know that the person providing the photos is the actual person in the photos. We also need photo ID for police prosecution for theft against any contractor that attempts to steal commissions from this agency. And our clients are comforted by the fact that our agency knows exactly who we are sending into thier homes.)
Home Phone:
Mobile Phone:
Location/Suburbs you wish to be promoted for work in:
Reliable Vehicle?
Drivers License No:
Previous Experience:
If No Experience then why do you want to do this work?:
Strip Shows Yes/No:
Types of Shows you perform tame to triple x and costumes you have:
Any specialty shows or unique skills?
Waiter/Waitressing Yes/No:
Photos for website Yes/No Please stop your application process here if answer is no. We only hire performers who will appear on our websites and social media pages.
Name of Current Employer for Reference:
Name of 2 Former Employers for Reference:
Additional Details about yourself:
Attach photos: Although your photos belong to you. There is a $38 fee to remove your photos/profile from our website if you decide that you no longer wish to work with our agency (fee only applies if your photos have been on our website less than 12 months). This is the price it will have cost us to create the profile on your behalf and you will be required to pay the fee upon requesting the removal of your profile to compensate our agency for the money we have paid to promote you. Disclaimer: Agreement of Contracting work between Bux Party Strippers and Contractor applying for Contractor position. It has been agreed between both parties that the photographs provided by the Contractor have not been supplied to any other agent and a guarantee the photos supplied by the said Contractor to Bux Party Strippers will not be supplied to any other agents. Bux Party strippers will watermark these provided photos with the company logo so they cannot be reproduced by other agents whom the said Contractor may or may not even work for. Photos will be used on Bux Party Strippers website, social media and other forms of advertising to promote said Contractor. Bux Party Strippers agree that we will remove photos from our website upon request from said Contractor. By returning this application you acknowledge that Bux Party Strippers is not your employer. You acknowledge that Bux Party Strippers acts as a referral agency that connects consumers with sole business operators (you) for a referral fee. You are responsible for collecting your own money from clients, paying your own taxes, and public liability and workplace insurances.