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The EXOTIC DANCER prices advertised on this page for Brisbane Bucks Party Strippers are general and subject to change higher or lower depending on each contractor's individual going rates. 


Promo Model Hostess
(Quote per event)

Our Promotions Model and Hostess service provides you with top-notch staff to make your event or exhibition a success. Our host staff  can be booked fully clothed or scantily clothed according to the event needs. Our ladies can even be booked to accompany groups to a variety of fun public events, such as the races, the footy, skirmish, on pub bus crawls, golf  days and 4WD beach outings. Hire our girls to promote your business products or to do bar runs at the cricket for the lads. You will need to provide the girls' entry tickets to these events. 

Nude Waitress $220 p/h
(2 hour minimum hire)

Our Nude Waitress service is the perfect way to add a little excitement to your bachelor night. Our stunning and professional waitresses will serve you drinks and food, completely nude. All waitress hires are required to be a minimum of two hours. We also offer the option of booking the first hour topless and second hour nude.

Bucks Waitressing and Lapdance Packge $575
(2 x ladies for 2 hours)

Our Bucks Party and Lapdancing package is perfect for those groups that don't want a full-on bucks party strip-show. Instead, enjoy the company of two toppy waiter ladies  for two hours serving the food and beverages to you and your guests. Plus, the groom gets a one-on-one full nude Lap-dance  for his eyes only from one of the waitresses. 

Lingerie Waitressing $85 per hour (2 hr min)

Do the boys intend to get together and watch the game at home? Our lingerie waitresses are the perfect addition to your party as skimpy bar staff. Whether you're hosting a 'State of Origin' match viewing, 'Melbourne Cup' lunch, 'Anzac Day' gathering, 'Indy Car Race' viewing or a bucks party, our lingerie waitresses provide a unique and memorable experience. We dress to impress in our lingerie. Phone 0416477924 to enquire.

A 2 Hour Progressive 
Waitress Deal $380
1 hr toppy + 1 hr nude)

Book our 2 hour progressive waitress service for a truly unique experience. Our waitresses will start off topless during the first hour, and then strip down to nude during the second hour. Give your buck a special surprise and book the 2 hour progressive waitress service today. 

A Topless Show $250

During the Topless G-string Show, our female stripper will perform a personalized show for the special recipient in front of the party guests, teasingly peeling away her clothing until only her g-string remains on. This titillating show is sure to create a night of unforgettable coming of age birthday memories. 

Topless Waitress $125 h
(2 hour minimum hire)

Topless waitress hire for bucks parties, pubs, and on boats. Our topless waitresses provide waitressing services, as well as act as topless poker dealers, all while wearing a g-string, mini skirt, or skimpy shorts with heels (unless working on grass). If you have a specific request for bottom wear attire, you can make this request when you book. There is no extra cost if you require waitresses to wear a g-string or french knickers.

A 3 Hour Progressive 
Waitress Deal $480
Lingerie + Tpls + Nude)

Liven up your next party with our 3 hour progressive waitress deal! One waitress will start the night off in a skimpy outfit and progress to topless then nude during this 3 hour service. Fire up the barbeque and invite your mates over to the man cave for steak and stripper. Phone 0416477924 to book this party teaser waitress package.

A Straight Strip Act
$260 (20mins)

The Straight Strip is the perfect option for a night of tasteful entertainment. Enjoy all of the sensual movements as the lady seductively disrobes whilst dancing. All eyes will be on her as she ends the show in the buff but without over exposing herself which can help your female guests to feel comfortable viewing the full strip.

Naked Open Leg Show $280 (25 min act) 

Our Open Leg Show service is a sight to behold! The exotic dancer uses oils and creams and gives you an up-close and personal view of the moves. In this 25 minute open-leg routine you'll cop an eyeful, ensuring that you get the most out of the experience.

 X Amateur Vibe Show $320  (20-30 Mins)

The Amateur Vibe Show is the perfect way to get a taste of the adult entertainment industry. New to the industry female strippers can show off their moves in front of some gentlemen in a slightly discounted, less polished version of a professional vibe show. Availability of this service is dependent on the availability of new recruits.

The Mas Show $290 (25 to 30 mins)

The Mas Show is an exciting adult entertainment service that is sure to X-cite the senses. The show begins with an alluring striptease before the performer moves into open leg floor work and starts to simulate acts of natural mas. .

Toy Show $350 (30)

Our X Vibes Show is the perfect way to add some naughty excitement to any bucks party. Featuring one or more vibrators, this show is sure to get your guests' pulses racing and leave them with unforgettable memories! Our experienced performers will keep the energy high and the atmosphere charged as they tantalize and tease your guests.

Pearls and Pops Show
$300 (20 mins)

A Pearls and Pop stripshow offers a delicious adult entertainment experience. Our exotic angel is sure to bring a spark of excitement to your night with her fully nude show and o/leg floorwork. With sugar and spice and everything nice, you won't want to miss out on the chance to lick the lollypop and discover the hidden pearls inside Pandora's box. Ph: 0416477924.

Hot Toy Show $370 (30)

A Hot Toy Show is a triple x adult entertainment service that takes a basic toy show to the next level! Our performer will bring her props to the stage and multiple adult toys are guaranteed, creating a truly unique and exciting experience that will leave you wanting more. Enjoy the red-hot thrill of the Hot Toy Show tonight. Phone 0416477924.

Fruit n Veggie Act $380 (30) or $450 (45 mins)

In the Fruit and Vegetables show our showgirl uses fruit and vegetables in a creative way, with adult toys, for a show like no other. You'll be amazed at the different purposes she finds for the fruit and veg, and the show will leave you hungry for more.

Original Deluxe Shows $650 (45 mins)

The exotic entertainer takes her x show to the next level with her own unique version of the Deluxe Show. The show duration is forty-five minutes, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the show. Check out the ladies profiles for a description of their individual dirty deluxe shows.  Examples: fist, greek action, beer bottle squirting, champagne bottle neck and champers shower show, smoking vag, and other versions.

Mega Lapdance & Toy Show $450 (30 mins)

Experience the thrill of our Mega Show! Bring the whole party to life with this show. Not just for the buck, most of the guests will get briefly lap-danced so that nobody misses out on the lapdance component. The lap-dance action is performed within the boundaries of the law and is fun for all! Includes toy action during the act. Another original show idea brought to you by Bux Party Strippers.

Les Duo $700 (30 mins) or $880 (45 mins) 

Bux Party Strippers offers an unforgettable experience with our lesbian duo striptease act. Our x-factor will bring your fantasy to life, providing an exclusive bachelor party experience for Queensland men only. Book now and see your dreamgirls in action! Contact us on 0416477924 to make your booking.

Mini Deluxe $500 (30 mins)

Experience the thrill of our Mega Show! Bring the whole party to life with this show. Not just for the buck, most of the guests will get briefly lap-danced so that nobody misses out on the lapdance component. The lap-dance action is performed within the boundaries of the law and is fun for all! Includes toy action during the act. Another original show idea brought to you by Bux Party Strippers.

Les Duo $1100 (1 hour)

Book a wild one hour bucks night lesbian duo and experience a truly unforgettable show. Our Brisbane based LGBTQ friendly duo will put on a show that caters to lesbian, and queer audiences alike, Not just for bucx night entertainment but brides-to-be too!  Expect a hardcore performance that will leave you wanting more.


Classy Man Waiter $80 p/hr (2 hour minimum)

Hiring a classy waiter for a Hens Party Entertainment experience is a great idea. Your waiter will be wearing dinner pants, bow tie, and cuffs, and will not wear a shirt! Make this buff guy the highlight of your fine dining experience. 

G Show $220 (15mins)

Our Male G Show is the perfect way to add some extra excitement to your next special occasion! Watch our talented male stripper bump and grind to the beat and strip off to excite the crowd - his g-string stays on! So if you're looking to add some spice to your daughter's 18th or 21st birthday, look no further than Bux Party Strippers. We specialize in booking bucks and hens events to make your special occasion even more memorable. Popular costume choices are: Firemen, Police Officer, Cowboy, FBI, Tradie for a Lady, and Army.

Man G-Waiter $100 p/hr (2 hours min)

A Gstring Waita is the perfect way to make your Brisbane hens weekend top notch fun! Go on spoil yourselves and book one of our experienced waiters to come to your home or hotel room and serve the ladies with food and drinks in nothing but a G-string.

Hands Off - G Strip $230 (15 to 20 mins)

Typically the hen party audience expect their dancer to be quite hands on. However, there are also ladies who want to enjoy viewing a show but do not want to be singled out for attention and prefer the performer to keep his hands to himself. This is a choregraphed strip to please and tease but respects the boundaries.

Bare Waitering $175 p/hr (2 hr min)

Hiring nearly naked men servers makes for a unique twist on the typical waitering service. Our waiters will work nearly naked, wearing only a waist tied server apron. His apron will be equipped with everything a bare bum butler needs to make your event a success.

Hot n Raunchy G Strip $250 (15 to 20 mins)

Watch our men take the Magic Mike action to the next level. To see the man of your dreams entertain you and your guests in your Brisbane home, call us on 0416477924.  Involves oil or cream, his hands on the bride and the bride to be's hands all over his hard body. Well almost all over... Call Brisbane's most popular bucks and hens night stipper agency on 0416477924

Full Raunchy Male Strip $280 (15-20 mins)

Our full monty show is the perfect way to make your bachelorette party even more special. Hire one of our young guns in Brisbane suburbs to perform a hot show. He strips down to fully naked, flashing the bride. He uses oils and creams to make it even more exciting. He even invites the bride to be to touch his rock hard chest. This is a touchy feely kind of show so it's not for the shy bride. You can request on booking if you want him to flash the full monty to the audience too.

Learn Pole or Lapdancing $550 (2.5 hours)

Our Learn to Lap-dance service is perfect for a fun night in with the girls. Our professional female stripper will come to you and teach you and your friends some sensual and playful lap-dance moves. Or you can book her too bring her pole and show you how to perform all the beginner moves. She will guide you through the moves step-by-step, and you'll be ready to show off your new skills in no time. To get you in the mood, she will bring along 5 bottles of  complimentary champagne to share with you. Make sure you tell your guests to wear their sexiest outfit or lingerie.

Shirtless Games Host $550 (3 hours)

Are you looking for hens night Ideas for your Brisbane in home party? Planning a celebration can be a challenge. How about you sit back and relax with the girls and let our shirtless guy host the party by setting up the games and he will serve your food and drinks in between games.  We plan and provide the games and the activity utensils, plus the prizes!

Full Monty 30 minutes $330 (longer, more fun)

Our Longest Full Monty Show is the longest male stripper show available in Brisbane, Australia and offers unbeatable value for money. Watch a hot and ripped male stripper crush the dance floor, play up to the bride, and indulge in some slip n slide body action. Not only that, but female guests can get involved too and experience an unforgettable night.

Life Drawing Activity for Hens Group $450 (up to 2 hours)

Our Brisbane Nude Life Drawing Male Modelling is the perfect hens activity for the bride to be who has instructed 'no male strippers'. Meet her half way and book in this fun activity for your hens night. An in the buff male model is a fun alternative to the often perceived sleazy male dancer but still provides the same level of entertainment and laughs. It's the perfect way to make the bride to be feel special on her special night  and leaves the lady guests satisfied.

We Are Hiring

We are looking for talented individuals who provide unique and entertaining services ideal for hens night fun! This includes tarot reading, in-home adult toy or lingerie parties, cocktail making lessons, and naughty arts and crafts classes. If you have what it takes, join us at QLD's best and longest serving party hire booking agency. Give us a call at 0416477924 to learn more

Peni* Artist $400 (1.5 to 2 hours)

At Bux Party Strippers, we understand that not all Hens Parties are the same. That’s why we offer a range of adult entertainment services to make your experience truly unique.

When you are looking for hens night ideas but not a male stripper, consider this concept for when you're sick of seeing strippers and want to see something wonderfully different. Hire 'Tim' to perform puppetry of his penis by using his privates to paint 3 life like portraits. One of the bride, matron of honor and mother of the bride! Photos or video are okay! An hour and half service that sometimes runs into 2 hours. Extra portraits on the night are charged at $50 each. We are 'Tim's' EXCLUSIVE AGENT ! see Tim's profile on the male strippers page. This is not a actual stripper show. It is nude penis portrait painting service for something different at hens party nights in Brissie, QLD.

Mobile Pampering $450 (2 hour service)

Our Hens pamper massage therapist is an experienced and qualified professional, offering a unique and luxurious in-home spa pamper party package. The hen will get to experience a fully professional hot stone massage on a massage table, followed by mini neck massages for the guests as they enjoy a glass of champagne. Our massage therapist will ensure the hen has the best pamper experience. Add $50 if you would like the masseur to  stop by the liquor store on his way to you and bring along 5 bottles of YellowGlenn Champagne for the gals. This is a 2 hour service, with no limit on the number of guests. No pay per person. If you run out of time and the women want him to stay, you can extend and pay him extra cash to stay on. This is providing he does not have another prebooked event to attend straight after.

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