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Bux Party Strippers is the go-to source for adult entertainment services in the Grafton Neighbourhood Area, postcode NSW 2460. Advance notice bookings are encouraged to guarantee our availability. Contact us today to book your event on 0416477924. * Advertised prices are subject to change without notice due to dependency on availability of your nearest available performer on the date and time that you require.


Topless Waitress in Grafton $650 (3 hours)

Call or text us on 0416477924 to ask how much is a topless waitress in Grafton? The starting price for one toppie lady including any travel fee is around $550 for a 2 hour service. Additional hours are charged at approximately $150 per hour. Price is an estimate and can be plus or minus depending on which particular girls are available.

TOY SHOW $650+
(30 mins)

The exotic dancer opens her routine with a dramatic entrance, wearing her xotic costume that is matched to the theme of the music. She peels away layers of clothing and when fully undressed, she'll show off some spectacular leg movements during her floorwork. Followed by introducing her sensual oils and vibrating toys. As in every show there is special attention paid to the buck.

Nude Wtrs $650
(A 2 hour service)

Hiring a nake-d waitress to visit your accommodation and serve your whiskey at your Stag Night in Grafton, New South Wales, is the ultimate bucks party weekend idea. We have the top 10 girls servicing the region here at Bux Party Strippers. Call now 0416477924.

FNV SHOW $750 (30 min)

This show takes the x toy show up to the next level of xxx.  Adult toys, special attention to the guest of honor during the show, and some fruit and vegetables added to the equation. For example: Banana, Cucumber, Zucchini...

Birthday Strip $550
(20 mins)

Book your choice of one of the following stripteases 1) Down to topless only with the g string remaining on. 2)  A tame full nude but closed leg strip. 3) An eye opening full strip with open leg floorwork. 

Deluxe X Act $850+
(45 min)

The top of the range very best x show you can arrange for your best mate. It goes for 15 minutes longer than the usual bucks party show. Expect to see all the usual adult toys and and fruit and veg plus an added element of super naughty excess. Our lady dancer will add one of the following to the equation: Fist, beer bottle or champagne shower squirt, back door, butt plug, or body slides and unicorn rides! Each girl presents her own seriously x interpretation of this show. 


Hens Party Man Waiter
$550 (3 hour service) 

Consider hiring a topless male waiter for the bachelorette party. Choose the look! 1) shirtless and wearing a bow tie and black trousers. 2) shirtless, wearing boxers. 3) shirtless, wearing jocks. 4) shirtless wearing only a g-string.

Hens Night Male Strip $550+ (20 to 30 mins)

Our Grafton male strippers cater to all female only audiences only. Sorry no mixed male/female crowds. Choose from either a g-string show or a full monty act for your special lady's occasion.  

Naked Life Drawing Model $550 (1.5 to 2 hr)

Wanting something different to do for your night in? Hens and Ladies nights can be the best fun when naked men are part of the evenings entertainment! Hire our life drawing model to come to your home or function room. All you have to do is set up the chairs. Our guy will bring sketch supplies for up to 20 women. You can invite as many guests as you like. However, you will need to make sure you have the extra art resources on hand.

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