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K'Gari Strippers and Topless Waitress Packages Prices

Bux Party Strippers contact phone number 0416477924. We are the closest adult entertainment provider to the Fraser Coast Island of K'gari. Our experienced team of entertainers has been servicing the area for over 10 years, providing reliable and exciting adult entertainment for all bucks party and boys weekend events and occasions. With our local knowledge, we are able to provide you with the best possible service, no matter where you are on the island. We go everywhere man! We know the island holiday homes, the beach campsite access areas, and the hotels very well. We have travelled on the 4wd driving tracks many times. We are the only reliable provider of female strippers to Fraser. 

Female Rates | Costs:

Prices are not guaranteed and are subject to change except for orders that have been accepted.

X-Stripper Deal 1:

Entertainment visiting Happy Valley or Eli Creek Campgrounds  or holiday rental. Greet our performer at Kingfisher Bay or Wangoolba Creek. Alternatively, meet our dancer at the Inskip Inlet where the barge from Rainbow Beach aka Double Island Point stops at Hook Point on K'gari. Your entertainer will then transfer into your 4WD vehicle and proceed to the camping grounds with you. Midday Daytime Option A: 1 x 45 minute triple x show $1275. Option B: 1 Lady for 2 hours Topless waitressing + a 30 to  x show $1375. Night-Time Overnight: 1 x performer delivering 2 hours topless waitressing + 45 min xxx show + 1 hour nake-d waiting finale $1550. Note: Please provide a tent with padlock for entry for the performer's personal overnight use. Or provide a lockable private room if the venue is a hotel or air b n b home.

X Stripper Deal 2:

Kingfisher Bay. Daytime hours. Package 1:  A topless waitress for 3.5 hours $1150. Package 2: One lady delivers 2 hours of topless waitressing + a 30 minute x toy strip act $1350. Package 3: One of our females doing 3 hours topless waitressing + a 45 min triple x show $1550. Night-Time-Hours: Similar fees apply plus add cost of overnight accommodation for the performer. Client must meet our performer at the Kingfisher Bay jetty where she will travel with the client to the venue. If the venue is not walking distance from the wharf, the client must drop our entertainer back to the wharf immediately after the booking has been fulfilled or if it is an overnight booking, the lady must be delivered to the jetty the following morning by a sober driver. Book now as advance notice bookings are essential phone 0416477924.

X Stripper Deal 3:

Eurong or  Seventy Five Mile Beach. Package A:  Midday x show goes for 45 minutes. Client picks up  our showgirl from pre-agreed jetty at an agreed upon time on the morning of  the event hire and travelling from there in  the client's 4WD to attend the holiday rental or campsite. Immediately after the show, the client is to drop the dancer straight back to the jetty.  Package B: Night: 3 hours topless waitressing + 45 minute triple x stripshow + 1 hour nood waitressing after the show $2250. Customer is required to allocate a sober driver to collect performer from wharf on day of and drop her back the following morning. Additionally, a private room with lockable door must be provided for the  lady's overnight use. ORCHID BEACH: quote may be significantly higher as it is a 2 to 3 hour drive from Hook Point or Kingfisher Bay.

Be aware that the sandy Fraser Island tracks are serious and challenging tracks. Therefore, it is recommended that you only attempt to travel along these in a long wheelbase vehicle with good clearance. When planning our ladies trip from the mainland to your island venue, it's important to factor in travel time. Depending on the weather and terrain, travel time can vary significantly. If you are driving on soft sand, tyre pressure and wheel slip can affect the speed of the journey. Additionally, if you are driving via the beach route, the timing of the tide can also affect the speed of the journey there and back. To ensure our ladies arrive at your destination on time, it's best to plan ahead with our bookings officer to assist in factoring in any potential delays.

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