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How to Become a Stripper

in Australia at 'Bux Party Strippers', we train our female strippers and waitresses in person on site in Brisbane, Queensland. Men who want to become male strippers or waiters should view online tutorials or opt to complete a short online course via our industry associate at the Male Stripper Academy. If you are an Aussie male seeking to learn how to become a male stripper, please click on the link below and sign up to join the international Adonis Dance Academy. Once you feel confident that you have the basic steps and knowledge, please call us here at Bux Party Strippers on 0416477924 to join our books and begin working. We will support you to take you to the next level of your Australian stripping career. Females who want to learn how to strip to become a paid adult dancer in Queensland, please read and agree to the below terms of employment and contact us direct here online on our website or call 0416477924. Established freelance dancers from all Australian states are welcome to apply to join our agency too.

Terms of employment

* Friendly work environment with on-the-job training provided.
* Predominantly Friday/Saturday night rosters with various shifts/ hours.
* Great Team environment. Gossip free, supportive, and growth focused.
* Work at a variety of events across mostly local locations.
* Flexible working arrangements. Choose your shifts. No minimum.

* Work is offered under an entertainment contract. This is a legal document signed by us the event promoter (our team) and you (the entertainer). The main purpose of the entertainment contract is to legally protect the interests of our company by ensuring that you agree to engage in responsible and reliable behaviour. To make sure the performer understands and acknowledges the duties and the legality of the job role capacity, The employment contract includes non-solicitation clauses which specifically prevent you from 'soliciting' or 'enticing away' the customers, workers, or suppliers of our business anytime during or after the role ends. Your contract must be signed by you, witnessed by a Justice of the Peace and submitted to our HR Team before any work offers can commence.

About us

* Mobile exotic party entertainment service provider.

* Bachelor and Bachelor Nights - Bar Staff, Waiters, and Waitresses,
* Dancers. Sexy golf girls. Poker card dealers. Pub raffle girls, Promotions.


The Role

* Skimpy Waitresses and Waiters are assigned to look after the groom and guests or bride and her guests, by making sure they always have a drink in hand and to engage them in banter. Plus, clean surfaces of general rubbish when not socialising or serving food or drinks. Join the team in serving our customers, greet the show performers upon their arrival and assist to set up the stage props for our dancers in preparation for their stage shows.

* When on roster you will be allocated both pre-booked and last-minute callouts to attend venues such as sports bars, night clubs, hotels, pubs, residences, and other party spots throughout the course of your shift.

* You will be paid nightly at the start of each shift. 

About you

* You are age 18 or over.
* You have a reliable vehicle and open drivers license.
* You have a mobile phone.
* You have your weekend nights available to work on-call.
* You do not have to currently work in this industry, we can train you.
* If you already work in the industry than you must be known to be highly reliable in order to be included on our Freelancer team list.

* You reviewed the positions available and have decided which to apply for.
* You are willing to travel to meet our team for an in person interview.

* If you have no prior experience, you will reliably attend training.

* Before commencement of any booking offers, you will have signed the contract agreement provided to you at your in person interview, and had it witnessed by a Justice of The Peace and the original copy returned to us.

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Pay Scales

Highest pay rates are earned, not given.

Level 1


* Topless Waitressing $80 per hour.
* Naked Waitressing $150 per hour.

* Tame Nude 20/25 min show $200.

* X Strips 30 minute show $220.

Level 2


* Topless Waitressing $100 per hour.
* Naked Waitressing $175 per hour.

* Tame Nude 20/25 min show $220.

* X Strip 30 minute show $270.

Level 3


Level 4 Priority Performers

* Topless Waitressing $100 per hour.
* Naked Waitressing $200 per hour.

* Tame Nude 20/25 min $250+.

* X Show 30 minute show $300+.

*  Topless Waitressing quote per job.
*  Naked Waitressing quote per job.

*  Nude Show 20/25 min quote.
*  X Shows 30 minutes quote per job.

Work with Us
Which days are you available?

Thanks for applying to undertake sub-contract work  with us! We'll get back to you soon.

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