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Bux Party Strippers is the premier provider of adult entertainment services in Coffs Harbour and the surrounding area. We offer a range of shows and bucks party packages. Our team of experienced entertainers will make sure your party night is one to remember. With our local girl and guy services, you can rest assured that you are in good hands and that your night will be one to remember. So if you’re looking for a unique and unforgettable party night, book with Bux Party Strippers today on phone number 0416 477 924. Are you tired of trawling stripper websites with the same too cheap prices advertised for every region, only to discover they are not advertising authentic total price ranges and don't even have the staff there? Why do they waste your time doing this? The below listed prices are realistic estimates for our actual live stripper and waiting services in Coffs Harbour. Advance notice bookings are absolutely essential to guarantee best price on offer and entertainment thats shows up on the day or night.

Female Rates:

Top-less Drink Wtrs  starts at $650 (3 hours)

One lady doing three hours toppy waiting.

Wtrsing and Show Deal starts at $950 (2.5 hrs)

You get a hardcore forty-five minute stags stripshow + 2 hours top-less waiting after her show.

Nood Wtrs starts at $750 (3 hour service)

One nake-d female doing 3 hours food and drink service.

The Ultimate Bucks Night Show starts at $750 (45 mins)

The best nightlife activity in Coffs Harbour is not the nightclub it's getting a an exotic dancer home delivered to perform a full on hot and raunchy forty-five minute bucks party stripper show. Book now. Plan ahead and book now.

Male Rates:

Hens Night Waiter $550+ (3 hour service)

Book in three hours of bar or wait service with a local Coffs Harbour guy.  You choose what he wears - dinner pants and shirtless with collar and cuffs, topless in boxer shorts, jocks, or g-string underwear. 

Hens Night Strip Act $550 (30 mins)

Our male stripper service is the perfect way to ensure that your best friend's hen's party is an unforgettable experience. Our hot and talented LOCAL dancer will have all the ladies in the party screaming with delight as he shows off his moves and rips off his clothes. Don't wait until the last minute to book - plan and call us now and make sure the hens party is a success. 

Show and Waitering Deal $750 (3 hours)

Our Show and Waitering Deal offers the perfect combination of entertainment and service for your special event. One of our man dancers will perform a 20 to 30 minute full monty show followed by 2 hours of topless waitering. This deal is the perfect novelty idea to kick off any night, and we are open to any special costume or interaction requests with the bride. Photos are permitted, so you will have mementos of the delightful event. We do not charge per person. You can have an unlimited number of female guests without having to pay more.

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